7 Clear Indications It's Time To Hire Your First Employee


It’s likely you started your small business because you saw a need, had a solution, and recognized the opportunity to provide your solution and earn income for your family. In time, you probably realized that your small business is more than just a tool to generate income for yourself, but that it can positively impact others and create a legacy for your family.

Part of pursuing that legacy and securing your own American Dream includes growing your small business. That growth often means hiring new employees.

But how do you know when your small business can or should start the hiring process? Should your new hire be an independent contractor or a full-time employee?

The mindset behind the hiring process is just as important as the hiring process itself in helping you get the right employee in the door and supporting your role in making good decisions for the company.

Here are seven clear indicators that you are ready to spend time hiring the right person for your...

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